2021 News – A meetup connect data scientists between Silicon Valley and Taiwan

A meetup connect data scientists between Silicon Valley and Taiwan

Take the association Data Science Meetup as an example. The founder of meetup, Kuan Chi-Yi, is a data science and engineering executive with more than 20 years of extensive experience on driving business value via scientific use of data.

“The community allows us to take a glimpse of Taiwanese talents and the connections we build strengthen our skills the other way round,” said Nina Tseng, the supervisor of the association, who is also an experienced manager specializing in marketing analytics.

“Data science is becoming the DNA of a company, as the analytics work takes a key role in every department for optimizing management,” said Kuan. Talents like computer scientists, statisticians, economists, operation researchers, and data engineers are in demand in the field of data science.

The association aims to create more job opportunities for data scientists, and also to improve the competitiveness of data science in Taiwan, equipping more Taiwanese the skill and knowledge. Not only data scientists, entrepreneurs, students, but also people who are interested in data science are joining this community.

“None of us specializes in social media management.” Kuan admitted, “However, we did build this valuable community out of nothing.”

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